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Wednesday Night NHL FREEBIE

The NY Rangers shocked the NHL world winning game 6 & 7 in Carolina to set up the Eastern Conference vs two time defending champs Tampa Bay Lightning.

Regular season Rangers surprisingly 3-0 vs Tampa, but playoff hockey is a different beast.

At Circa Las Vegas Tampa -180 & Rangers +155 in the Series prices, best of 7, must win four games. So game #1, ECSI will take a swing at print we are getting a good price, see VALUE & opportunity.

8pm. #31 LIGHTNING -121 our FREEBIE

Tough for Rangers to be ready for a Lightning team resting for almost a week, while Rangers coming off two emotional must win games & the price is right!!!

If your interested in your very own personal Spirts Broker for just $2 a day, delivered releases, leans & breakdowns to your cell phone via text & emailed daily, then ECSI is your team. Not sure who we are?? Google search Sports Investors, yes that us #1 ranked on Google 1st page .

We are 7.5 year in of Public Service with over 35+ years of experience in Sports world. One game , never mind week or even month make a Service, but over 200+ happy clients/family members all over the world are very content & building bankrolls yearly.

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly 🤓

Jeff Dawson


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