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The point of this to understand a player’s value based on contribution to wins and MLB talent. As stated above, this is a cumulative stat, so it compiles over each appearance or a bat. The following is a list of starting pitchers from #1 to #30. Whereas WAR is wins above replacement, WPA is a contribution to team wins compared to league average. It means WAR rates how a player compares in Wins compared to a replacement-level player (AAA or call up talent level). WPA is wins compared to league average (MLB talent).

NOTES: It is not surprising to see Bandon Woodruff at the top of this list. He has pitched excellent! The next two however are a major surprise. Kyle Gibson and John Means! As this is not a predictive stat, these two pitchers likely have seen the best they will throw this season. Their projected numbers indicate 15th for Means and 38th for Gibson. Another surprise is ATL Huascar Ynoa ranking 10th on the list.

Another way to look at this for gambling purposes is that these are “HOT” pitchers that you want to bet on. They are contributing more to wins so we should support them. Just be careful not to jump on too late.

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PS.. Hope everyone enjoyed the INDIANS +122️ Winner vs White Sox

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