Scott Webb,

Handicaper - ECSI


My name is Scott Webb and I am excited to be a part of the East Coast Sports Investors. I feel like the spot light is on and couldn’t be brighter. Ready for the “show”. As the legislation has changed and now favors sports gambling, East Coast Sports Investors is ready to meet the need and I am ready with a “Whatever it takes” positive attitude to contribute.

I am a former semi-pro athlete (Baseball) with a claim to fame of throwing Ken Griffey Jr. out stealing second base. After surgery on the throwing shoulder that career ended. I have combined that competitive will to win with a love of sports into a career handicapping games. I have been doing this for 26 years now.

Using adapted formulas and data from Joe Peta’s book Trading Bases, I create my own lines based on Saber-metric data. My line is comprised of WAR ratings from each active player in the game! WAR is relevant data measuring how much contribution to a win a player produces. My line is state of the art and fresh perspective that will provide line value to the Vegas line! I can tell you what the mathematical line is and how far Vegas is off to an exact percentage.


The trick is to merge this valuable information with the “art” of gambling. I use my experience and new age database to further exploit those edges to find the best investment opportunities possible.