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I want to say it was early October 1975 and I was in the 5th grade. Yes, 10 years old- do all you sports genius do you remember who was in the World Series? It was The Boston Red Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds… The Big Red Machine vs. the locals. Yaz, Louis Tiant, Fisk, Carbo vs. Johnny Bench, George Foster, Pete Rose and company.


It was my first 0.50c bet with a classmate.


I had the Red Sox of course, he took the Reds. The Red Sox lost in seven games, and as I like to say, I was now off to the races.


Yes, I was the kid in middle school handing out football cards / in high School betting $5 dollars with teachers. I just loved the ACTION! Now college came, yes worked for a couple of bookies, which offset my losses, but still wasn't a day we didn't have a play in.


Late 80's early 90's I worked for my first 2 sports services in Boston. I would like to tell you, they were legit, but they were just following everyone else’s lead and play book. Just a list of names, dollar amounts and telephone numbers.


Our job? Introduce ourselves, get as much information from potential client and give him the game!! Hang up, call the next name, same process, but give him the other side of game. Someone wins, someone loses... It was all about volume. Now back then, no cell phones or internet. We relied on newspapers, which was last night’s results, stale spreads & 900 numbers for every 10 minute updates on scores.


Now what really intrigued me was how the casino came up with their number… How could they release a line of a basketball game, Celtics -4 vs Lakers, under/over 112, and the final score land Celtics 108 & Lakers 104.


Let’s speed up the story: January 1, 2015, ECSI, who has been perfecting his craft, with Vegas connections, internet, websites, spread sheets, systems decides to go public on Social Media, with the vision sports wagering would become legal in the United States sooner than later.


Yes, we were correct.


Furthermore, what a first 5 years of Service. We have rattled off 17-3 runs, 18-2 runs, 30-2.


2017 March Madness #1 in America that year. 


We have never once and never will use the word gambling. Since day 1, it’s always been INVESTING, and will always be. Why? The myth that you can't win and profit in Sports, is false. With proper bankroll management, leadership, and correct sports service, it easily will become a second stream of income. Yes, some take it to the next level and go professional.


What ECSI does is a lot like a stockbroker. We follow over 50 sports books all over the world. Plugged in LIVE, so we get every alert, steam, scratch, weather report, RLM, to the second its released. No delays in our game! We also have a delivery service, second to none. We deliver text AND email, which serves as a backup just in case the internet decides it has a brain of its own. We thrive on long-term success and relationships with our clients, which we call FAMILY!


We have clients for so long, we have been to their wedding, now planning to attend their children’s weddings.


Our goal, as simple as it may sound, is to educate everyone on a daily basis. The more we know, the better off you will be. In today's industry, there are a million wannabes- Begging for your attention. False records, promises, anything to attract the newcomer.


You have to realize: you get what you pay for.


Simple as that. Do yourself a favor, go to Google Search and search for sports investors.


Yes, that’s us, East Coast Sports Investors- #1


24/7/365 open door policy for our family, which is all over the globe. Around the clock work- Money never sleeps. You can, we don't. So if your state is legal or getting close, reach out to us, we are willing to open up doors, get to know exactly what your expectations are, and let’s get started.


See you at the Winners Circle.





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