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Extra Cheddar Week 1: Packers at Bears

By Riley Magnuson

Sunday, September 10th 2023

A journey into the unknown. For many of us in Packer land, 2023 marks the first season with this mind numbing amount of uncertainty surrounding a team and quarterback and while I admittedly am nervous, I am also giddy with excitement.

You might have preferred a little less stakes and a little more of an eased-in approach to the schedule to shake the rust off, but nonetheless one of the bigger games of the season is on our doorstep against a team that is hungry to start a new chapter of this rivalry.

No matter who you are or where your optimism lies, you better queue up “Love Shack” because there’s a new sheriff in town. Let’s get this damn thing going on the right track and let’s bring home a Packers victory. GO PACK GO!

2021 Record: 23-18 (+4.18u)

2022 Record: 18-26 (-3.40u)

All-Time Record: 41-44 (+0.78u)

Aaron Jones Over 58.5 Rushing Yards (-110) (0.5u)

While the Bears will most likely key in on Aaron Jones as the Packers’ best offensive weapon in this game, this Chicago run defense was and will continue to be below average to flat out bad. On a per attempt basis, the Bears ranked 27th in yards allowed as well as dead last in rushing first downs allowed. The Pack will be looking to get Jones the ball and as far as production I think you have to look back at the early portions of last season to see how dominant Jones was in warmer weather. I think it’s likely you could see a couple of runs of 10-plus yards from Jones as well as a steady diet early and often in this game.

AJ Dillon Over 1.5 Receptions (+100) (0.5u)

We can’t forget about the Quadfather this week and while I know it can be tough to cash two different running back props, this one does not step on the toes of our first pick with Jones today. AJ Dillon has continued to improve as a pass catcher during his time in Green Bay and at least during a game in which the Packers top weapons are out or limited, I think Dillon will be called upon a few times through the air for some check down success. Dillon did have his games last year where he was absent in the passing game, but I’d be shocked if he doesn’t get his targets. In 2022 he had 11 games with at least two receptions.

Packers' Trivia

In the 2009 season opener, Jay Cutler makes his Bears debut, throwing 4 interceptions in a Packers 21-15 victory. One of the four interceptions went to this defensive back, playing in his seventh and final season with the Packers. He would go on to play three games with Miami and nine with St. Louis before retiring with a career total of 21 interceptions.

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