In fighting, especially UFC, the older you get, well lets just say, “the chin” is the first thing to go. Taking a look at Cowboy Cerrone vs Anthony Pettis, both fighters we can say, have seen better days. ECSI released “Cowboy” +$115 already in last weeks email edition, today we are double dipping and Investing.. UNDER 2.5 rounds -$140

As father time has caught up to both fighters, Pettis 4-8 his last 12 fights, while Cerrone who is 37 years young, has lost his last 3 fights, and 4-7 his last 11 fights.

Now ECSI is not saying this wont be an entertaining fight, both fighter have a lot to prove, both with big ❤️, but its the CHINS that will speed up this process and make this fight a quick or lets say, UNDER 💵

UNDER 2.5 rounds -$140... Cerrone vs Pettis💸🍾

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