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2020 Wrestlemania Preview & Predictions (From David Hess)

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

2020 Wrestlemania Preview & Predictions

(From David Hess)

The show of shows is finally here… sort of. Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year on the world of wrestling and while the show will go on, it will take place at the WWE Performance Center and with no fans. Day one of Wrestlemania was a blast and how about that Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. It was an instant classic. Braun Stroman winning the title was a bit of a surprise, but t7hat was awesome as well. Now we are on day two of the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment and I have all the matches for tonight listed below with previews and predictions.

We all need a little distraction and these two nights will offer us that, so sit back and enjoy the 2nd night of Wrestlemania 36.

Otis (-170) vs Dolph Ziggler (+130)

This one is very personal, especially for Otis, who is apart of Heavy Machinery. His partner is Tucker. Back on Valentine’s Day, Otis had a date set up with Mandy Rose but he received a text saying she would be late. He arrived at the date only to find out that Zigger had swooped in to take his place. All the time mandy thought that Otis had stood her up until this Friday night at the end of the Ziggler/ Tucker match. After Ziggler was disqualified during the match a mysterious hooded figure showed a video of both Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler setting up Otis to miss his date. Turns out that Sonya did it because she wants Mandy, and yes, Sonya is a Lesbian in real life. SFhe would get what she wanted and Ziggler would get what he want. Since February 14th, Ziggler has tormented Otis with his relationship with Mandy. Will the Beast win over Beauty? Who is the hooded figure? Will Otis squash Ziggler like a bug? Otis is on a rampage and after the video came out you can bet that he will now go full boar and I don’t see Ziggler holding up to the challenge. It will be a happy ending for Otis in this one. Prediction: Otis (-170)

Aleister Black (-700) vs Bobby Lashley (+400)

We haven’t seen a ton of Bobby Lashley of late after his battles with Rusev where he stole the Bulgarian Brute’s wife and married her. Don’t worry, they didn’t marry in real life and Rusev and Lana are still very happy. LOL. Aleister Black was always looking for someone to challenge him to a fight when he first came up to the main roster and now he is looking to take the fight to the lockerroom. Black has been on a roll lately and this will be a great test for him to see if he is real or just a flash in the pan. Bobby Lashley has been in the WWE for many years and after his feud with Rusev, he is now looking to get back into the title picture. A win over the red-hot Black would be a step in the right direction for him. This is a match between two of the better wrestlers on the roster, who are both looking to make a statement and that should mean we will see an all-out war. It is hard to ignore the roll that Black has been on and I feel he is the rising star that will pick up the biggest win of his career. It’s a steep price and probably not worth playing but still, Black will win this one. Prediction: Aleister Black (-700)

John Cena (+300) vs The Fiend (-500): Firefly Fun House Match

It’s Wrestlemania and that means we get to see (or not see) John Cena. He has been on the Undertakers schedule of late and that is to really show up just once a year. A few weeks ago on Smackdown, Cena came out and announced that he would not be participating in this year’s Wrestlemania. He said that it was time for the younger talent on the roster to be showcased. It was a nice speech and as he was leaving the ring, out comes The Fiend, who pointed at the Wrestlemania sign. With the tip of his cap, Cena accepted and here were are in what Bray call’s a Firefly Fun House match. The funny thing is that no one even knows what kind of match it will be. What is a Firefly Fun House Match? I guess we will all find out together. The Fiend will not be in a good mood for this match after losing his Universal Title against Goldberg at Super Showdown and he is looking to get back on track here. John Cena has been in some huge matches at Wrestlemania and this one will be big as well. Can Big-Match John return to the squared circle and pick up a win over the evil Fiend. I don’t think so. I’m not sure why the WWE took the belt off of Bray and gave it to Goldberg. He had been a dominant force in the WWE and I see him picking up a huge win over the 16-time WWE Champion in this one. Prediction: The Fiend (-500)

Edge (-500) vs. Randy Orton (+300) (Last Man Standing Match)

This will be a Last Man Standing Match and that means the loser of the match is the one who can not make a ten count. These are always brutal matches and fun ones as well. How great was it to see Edge make his return at the Royal Rumble? After having to retire nine years ago due to a neck injury, Edge is back in the WWE. It was one of the most inspirational returns in the history of the WWE. Edge didn’t win the Rumble but he did eliminate a few participants, including Randy Orton. The Next on raw, it looked as if Orton was going to team back up with the Rated “R” Superstar, but instead, he hit him with an RKO and then bashed Edges head with a couple of chair shots. Orton stated that he did it out of love. Edge needs to be a father to his two girls and he can’t do that if he gets permanently damaged in the ring. A couple of weeks late, Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, came out to give an update on her husband and Orton proceeded to hit her with an RKO as well. This will be a very personal match as edge displayed the following week when he called out Orton and went off on the Viper, hitting him with an RKO of his own. These two were a dominant tag team back in the day and now they are going to tear each other apart. Edge has the Edge in this one and the momentum, plus he has been itching to get back for a real match. It all adds up to the Rated “R” Superstar picking up his first win in the WWE in nine years as he is the Last Man Standing. Prediction: Edge (-500)

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza (No Odds Listed)

This match was originally supposed to be the Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza, but Andrade is dealing with a broken rib and has been ruled out for this match. Selina Vega has reached into her deep pool of prospects and pulled out Austin Theory, who is one of the rising stars of NXT. Garza is a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and has started to make a name for himself up here on the Main Roster under the tutelage of Selina Vega. You can bet she will be a factor in this match. The Street profits shocked the world by taking out Rollins and Murphy on an episode of Raw a little over a month ago and then they successfully defended their titles against the pair at Elimination Chamber. Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins have all the momentum and they are the better team that has been together much longer than Garza and Theory. The Street Profits will remain champs after this one but it still should be a high-flying fun match. Prediction: The Street Profits

NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley (-180) vs. Charlotte Flair (+140)

This is one that I am so excited to see. Back in January, Charlotte Flair won the Royal Rumble and by winning that match, she is able to choose any title to go after. Normally, the winner of the Rumble for both the men or women will choose to go after one of the titles from Raw or Smackdown. Charlotte Flair threw a monkey wrench in those plans by selecting the NXT Women’s champion, Rhea Ripley. A few months ago, it was Rhea Ripley that ended the dominance of Shayna Basler to take the Women’s NXT Title and she has held it ever since. Baszler had held the title for 416 days. Ripley has been building up a strong resume of late, leading NXT to a win over Raw and Smackdown in the Survivor Series PPV. She also pinned Flair in a triple threat match and she also guided her squad to victory in the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match. The nightmare has been a nightmare for all three brands over the last few months, but this could be her biggest test year. Charlotte Flair did hold the NXT Women’s title for 258 days and has since gone on to being the most decorated woman in WWE history as she is a 10-time woman’s champ. The pair have been trading attacks on one another of late and that should set up for a good confrontation in this one. Charlotte is headed back to where it all started for her in this one but I do not see her taking the title. Ripley has been named the nightmare for a reason and she will be Flair’s nightmare in this one as her trip back to the Performance Center will not go as she had hoped it would. Prediction: Rhea Ripley

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley (+175) vs. Sasha Banks (+175) vs. Lacey Evans (+270) vs. Tamina (+550) vs. Naomi (+550) (WrestleMania Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match)

This one should be interesting. Bayley has been champ for 316 days now but this could be her toughest test year as she will be facing Lacey Evans, Tamina, Naomi and her best friend, Sasha Banks. Having Banks in the match is the real wildcard as she and Bayley have had each others backs over the last several months and now they must at some point face each other. That will make for a very interesting storyline. Tamina is the powerhouse of this match and she just won a triple threat match between her Evans and Naomi on Friday night. Then she took out both Banks and Bayley. That makes it too obvious that she will not be the one to win the match. Naomi is one of the most athletic women in the WWE locker room but it is hard to see here winning this one. I feel that it will come down to Bayley, Banks, and Evans. This could be a good chance for Bayley and banks to have a falling out which will open the door for Evans to steal the title. She is an up-and-coming superstar and has all the tools to be a fine champion. That Woman’s Right is a heck of a punch and she will knock one of the other four women out to win the belt from the longest reigning Smackdown Women’s titleholder. Prediction: Lacey Evans +270

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar (+220) vs. Drew McIntyre (-350)

And we have finally made it to the biggest match of Wrestlemania 36. Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre. I am glad that this match is going off with no substitutes. Drew McIntyre is the winner of the 2020 royal Rumble match and the champion he chose to face is Brock Lesnar, who the WWE continues to put the belt on, despite the fans opposing to it. Back at the Rumble, Brock entered as the first overall wrestler and he eliminated the first 15 men that were in the ring with him. Ricochet then cam in and following him was Drew McIntyre. It looked as if Lesnar and McIntyre were about to square off in an epic battle when Ricochet hit Brock with a low blow and then Drew followed it up with a claymore kick, knocking the Beast Incarnate out of the Rumble. McIntyre then went on to win the rumble and thus setting up what should be a classic battle. Brock has been running roughshod over the WWE for years and other than facing Goldberg, this could be his toughest test yet. Drew was dubbed as the Chosen One by Vince Mcmahon many years ago, but he never took the role that the Chairman expected. Drew then was fired before returning a changed man. Since then he has had some classic matches, but still, this is his first shot at one of the major titles in WWE. A few weeks ago, Drew made a statement by coming out when Brock was being touted by Paul Heyman and hit him with three claymore kicks. Brock was reeling but has a chance to get revenge in this one. I don’t think he will. This is a huge chance for Drew and after working his ass off to get that chance, he will not blow it. The fans will get what they want in this one. Prediction: Drew McIntyre -350


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