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All the downtime we have had has generated some interesting gambling scenarios, touts, and foolishness. I feel it necessary to look at what this industry is up to. The industry of selling plays is not exactly the most robust with ivy league graduates. Professionalism by design has a standard, an image, discipline, and wisdom beyond what the normal person can produce. This industry does not require the most professional image to win. However, it requires a professional person. Why does this industry have so many amateurs? The answer is an investment. You see to start your service selling plays, you only need a PayPal address and a Twitter handle. When you Google sports handicapper and hit enter, it shows 903,000 returns. Really? There are 900k services or people who can tell you who to wager your hard-earned money on? It is amazing to me and a fact. The industry is made from constant turnover and consistent rebranding. You see, 900k are there because they are not real businesses. The typical startup lasts about 2 or 3 months, then due to lack of investments, winning and the grind of daily handicapping, they fall away.

Even a professional network like ESPN has a show on their network called Daily Wager. It is a one hour show where “experts” are talking about odds, plays, models, percentages, data, and anything else to help them sound intelligent. Their show has a hard time showing winners. There are other networks that are doing the same thing too like Fox (FS1). The FS1 show is akin to the political media. They are not making wagers on their suggestions; they are selling shocking statements to get viewers. There are websites that have multiple handicappers out of one location. These guys give great images and come off like old school mafia thugs. Names like Carmine, Gianni the Greek, and Teddy Covers. Wager Talk has 22 handicappers on their website! Marco D’Angelo is listed 1st. One would assume he was good or better than most on the site. Interesting that he does not post records. However, he was at Pregame prior to moving (rebranding) Wager Talk and showed a return of -$13,131 only in May! They have a list of 33 cappers where only 7 were profitable. Keep in mind you are paying for their services!

The advent of twitter now has anyone capable of selling plays. I see touts have all the sudden become “experts” at horse racing bets, simulated football games, Korean baseball league (KBL), esports, and I am sure I have missed others. I referred to professionalism at the beginning of this piece and did that for a specific reason. It is not hard to spot phony-baloney but so what? It seems to me that these phonies are developing a nice following. Yes, but here is the rub. The following they get are from people who are not serious about turning gambling into investing, so they will never be a serious player. Now the good part!

As a professional businessman, I want to work with other professionals and have as many well-educated clients/customers as possible. You would NEVER work hours upon hours for free. Neither do I. My talents are assets that others will pay for. I like to use the term value. People pay for value. However, it should be clear, the days of plays without more to offer are dead and gone. Todays’ business model requires the ability to breakdown wagers and to teach the business, as well as provide winning plays. Explaining how lines are made and how to find value in a line based on an algorithm or a model requires a professional. It requires Next Level thought. I do not guess at predictions. I do not wager on simulated games on a computer. I do not make suggestions that are not personally invested in myself. There is a clear differentiation. Professionalism. Learn, Educate, Win. Although there are multiple ways to beat the odds, the consistent theme is that it takes a professional in thought and mindset. Next level is a good term. All players at whatever level should be trying to attain “NEXT LEVEL STATUS”. Are you next level?

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