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The 2020 NFL draft is over.. 3 days of much needed sports back into our lives. Hats off to Roger Godell, ESPN and everyone behind the scenes to pull off a virtual draft, with little hiccups🙌

As for todays FREEBIE


Now watching the richest wide receiver class in sometime go by the way side, the 13-3 Packers of last year one real weakness, get RODGERS some WR help. Its Adams and a cloud of dust. Rodgers 36 years old, is well on the back nine⛳️, father time sooner than later, will be knocking.

So at the 26th pick, the Packers select... JORDAN LOVE .. Utah St ... QB..

Lets just say, we heard Aaron all the way on Cape Cod🌚🌚. Thats ok six more picks, dont worry discount double check, we will take care of you, lets just say they sure did. RB AJ Dillion at 62, TE Josiah Deguara at 94, there next six picks, LB, OL, C, OT, S & EDGE... Not one wide receiver for Arod & a QB in the first round🧐🤓

When Farve was 35, Packers drafted Rodgers, the air apparent, but no one saw this coming, or did they? Second year head coach, taking the 49ers approach, wanting to set up the pass, by pounding the rock. As most of you know, Rodgers DIVA act, has gotten quiet sour by a lot of experts around the league. Lets just say the one Super Bowl ring separates him, from Dan Marino currently. Is management and head coach setting the stage for an ugly divorce? Yes, 3 years left in contract, but last year can be VOIDED.. The writing could be on the wall☎️📞


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