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Sixteen players on this list, but a real close look, how many really deserve this honor? CPOY? Now a quick glance, Gronk hasnt played in 18 months, reunited with TB12 and a high octane offense, but coach Arians has NEVER used the Tight ends!!!

Big Ben returns to the Steelers were they desperately need him. A team that went through 3 qbs, one named DUCK, in a Division now owned by Lamar & Ravens. HEALTH always an issue here, +$350 just too short of a price for ECSI

The next 4 we all can make a case for, but looking at them & there stories, while including there prices, just seems too short also.

JJ Watt could be involved in DPOY

AJ Green sat out, was injuried, but wanted no part of playing for Bengals

Cam is still waiting to be signed. Initially said he did NOT want to be a backup, but the market dried up, no physicals available, EGO always a big part for self proclaimed SUPERMAN, we shall see were he ends up.

STAFFORD +$700 makes a lot of sense. Was having an MVP year, until back issues shut him down, as well as the Lions. A healthy Matt, will open some eyes, tough division & coach Patricia is on the HOT SEAT.. Pizza & Beer money here..

ALEX SMITH +$1600 our FREEBIE for CPOY💵💵

If anyone has seen the 30 for 30 and what is considered one of the worst injuries in the NFL history, to this day, wont watch it, like Joe Theisman, which  unfortunately saw live, like it was yesterday. Alex went through over 17 surgeries, almost died and was within a wisker of amputation of his leg. Now the intial Starting Qb spot in Washington isnt available, but new head coach knows what he has with Alex. Lets envision Redskins 2-10 or 2-11, four or five games left in season, #1 pick wrapped up, why not turn to ALEX, give him a shot, with all the hard work and dedication he has put in!!! IF HE STEPS ON the FIELD in 2020, how can he not win this award by DEFAULT!!!! The PRICE is RIGHT🏈

ALEX SMITH +$1600 our Comeback Player of the Year🤓🍾💵🏈 

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