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Last week Rory/DJ vs Ricky/Wolfe a match that ended with Rory closest to the pin in Sudden Death, winning 1.1 Million in Skins and the match.

Today PGA heads to TIGER Woods home course as he is paired with OMAHA and Peyton Manning. There opponents LEFTY Phil Mickelson and the GOAT, TB12 Tom Brady.. Current odds in VEGAS..

Woods/Peyton -$195

Phil/Brady +$175

Now ECSI rarely would release almost 2-1 favorites, the RISK vs REWARD or VALUE is not worth the hit on the BANKROLL. Also today there are dozens if prop bets as well.

Will Tiger be wearing a RED shirt?

Will BRADY be wearing a TB12 hat?

Who will be UP first?

Will all 4 players hit the fairway on 1st drive

Will the match end on the 17th hole?

Will the match go extras?

The list is endless...

The point is SIMPLE... take the VALUE, the PLUS MONEY... 

PHIL MICKELSON / TOM BRADY +$175🏌🏿‍♂️⛳️🏌🏿‍♀️💵

Its Sunday FUNday, no need to SWEAT a -$195 wager, when we can INVEST in +$175🤓

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