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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

It’s getting close to Championship Week , Selection Sunday & the greatest Tournament March Madness. Last year on March 13th, the Big East was playing there first game at noon, then at Halftime, it was official, the GAMES were POSTPONED & the official start of the Pandemic & Covid-19 started, on Friday the 13th.

Two heavyweights with opposing styles. The high octane offense of the Iowa Hawkeyes travel to Madison Wisconsin to face the stingy defense of the Badgers.

Iowa has the consensus Preseason player of the year with Mr Garza, a team that can flat out shoot the 3 & score in bunches. The team might have peaked early as they are 6-4 last ten games, but winners of two in a row.

Wisconsin on the other hand 15-7, but 5-5 last ten & lost at home Sunday vs Michigan. Vegas has opened Iowa -1.5 & U/O 146. Now what intriguing, is that’s a high U/O for a Wisconsin game, they will most likely NOT be able to play in the high 140’s or 150s and beat this Iowa team. Will Pride take over for the BADGERs, or will Iowa rain 3’s on their home court & parade?

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* As we are writing this, that is the current line across the VEGAS Strip. Overnight subject to change*

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