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Happy Easter to everyone here, hope the Easter Bunny was good to you!!! It’s day #4 of 162 MLB games, some teams looking 👀for there first win, some looking for a 🧹

Houston Astros, last year gifted with no fans, and there cheating scandal were able to play without the boos and play with 0 effect for there Actions. Well this year there are fans, maybe 10-20% to start the Season, but currently nothing is effecting there fast start !!!

On the other hand, the Oakland A’s winless, at home, desperately seeking there first win of 2021

Now we know, no such thing as a MUST win only four days into the Season, but when your playing a divisional rival, at HOME & get swept, let’s just say it won’t be easy month of April.

407pm. #922 OAKLAND A’s -106 ** Manaea** our EASTER MLB FREEBIE

Congrats to everyone on Thursday night winner of LA ANGELS, a great way to start 2021 ⚾️

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Jeff Dawson


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