Seems like yesterday that the Tampa Bay Lightning was hoisting Lords Stanley’s Cup, but due to Pandemic & COVID-19, the Season went through the Summer as both Conferences played in a bubble & the Lightning eventually your Champs🥅

Tonight ECSI will offer an investment to all the NHL fans & puck heads. Why not start with a rivalry!!!! The New York Islanders head to face off the NY Rangers.

Last year the Islanders were 1-3 against the Blue shirts, there first losing record since 2013-2014..

Since 2015, the ISLANDERS are 17-8 against the Rangers.

Game opened up a Pickem -110 vs -110.. Despite only 38% of the bets, 65% of the MONEY has come in on the road team ISLANDERS, now -$115 ML🏒


7pm #55 NY ISLANDERS -$115 ML

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