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FREEBIE - 20' - 21' NFL MVP

This year has been anything but scripted, every day seems to be a different challenge.When crunching this years NFL MVP, the usual suspects are at the top, but is there any real VALUE? 

Last year a running back won the MVP? 2012 Adrian Peterson, before that, 2006 LaDanian Tomlinson, 2005 Shaun Alexander, yes its been a while. Now there are some nice prices , VALUES & swings in this position, but ECSI will pass.

Quarterbacks dominate this award.2013 Peyton Manning, 2014 Aaron Rodgers, 2015 Cam Newton, 2016 Matt Ryan, 2017 Tom Brady, 2018 Patrick Mahomes & 2019 Lamar Jackson.

Does anyone remember what Lamar’s opening MVP odds were? Yes, 50-1👀. Go back to last year at this time, if someone handed you $100 to place on Mr Jackson for MVP, you would have laughed from here to Vegas🤣🤣🤣

Trivia question? In his career, how many MVP votes has Russell Wilson received? If you said 0, give yourself a gold star⭐️⭐️⭐️

Now Kyler Murray has been the talk of the town for a lot of SHARP players this year. Second year, wide open offense, the addition of DeAndre Hopkins, has a lot of people licking there chops, unfortunately the opening 30-1 is gone, now currently 16-1, but if tour able to still get 30-1, its definately worth a small investment.

Now our FREEBIE... This teams qb, falls into the Lamar Jackson category. This team is also favored to win there division. He is young, can run, strong arm, with an offense that has added Stephon Diggs.

ECSI looks for the qb, to take the next step, were most look at him as inaccurate, cant make the big throw, we see a chance to take a swing at this VALUE play, before the SHARP start taking down our number, like last year. In a wide open division, AFC East, no Tom Brady, the two decade Patriots run, could finally be over, its time for the BILLS to run the EAST..


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