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After a double OT game #1 win by the Bruins 4-3, what is the PUBLIC expecting in a quick turnaround?

Game #1 scheduled for last night was postponed till Wednesday morning 11am, because of the Lightning epic 5 OT thriller vs CBJ.

The PUBLIC and TRENDY DOG was the Carolina Hurricanes +125 to defeat the slumping Bruins in the best of 7 Series. Now having to play back to back games, the same trend is looking to continue. Trailing 0-1 in the Series, playing back to back days, there is NO WAY the HURRICANES can lose two in a row and fall down 2-0 to the Bruins.

Already, as we write this, the Hurricanes receiving almost 70 % of the bets, what does ECSI expect?


Expect the Bruins, who have finally got there first win in the Bubble, to now ride the wave.. BRUINS WIN💵🥅🏒

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