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The top 100 prospect list is now out. It is important to look at this list to see what teams and what players are going to help the current big-league rosters. The key column other than rank is level. The level column is there to let you know how soon to expect the prospect to arrive on the big-league roster. Keep in mind these are the best prospects in baseball and they should all have an impact on the quality of the team in positives ways. My copied list only includes the top 30 players due to space, but just because a prospect is listed beyond the top 30, shouldn't mean they are not impact players. Obviously, the higher up on the list should also mean these players are the ones who should not miss and should be very impactful.

Bobby Witt Jr is the #1 prospect! He projects at the best hitter for KC this season! He has a 10.3 OFF WAR, 3.2 WAR, and projects at 25 HRs. I found it interesting that 6 of the top 15 prospects all play SS. We have another batch of great SS on the way! There are 3 catchers in the top 15. This is a position in need of great players right now. I am very surprised not to see many pitchers. There are only 5 listed in the top 30.

Adley Rutschman will have his debut pushed back a bit as he has a triceps injury and is being shut down for 2-3 weeks. He is a middle of the lineup batter and future All-Star level player. Julio Rodriguez is going to be a star for SEA. He has all the power and the speed! He projects as a future All_star level player. Spencer Torkelson also projects as DET's best hitter this season! He projects with 17.8 OFF WAR and 28 HRs. Riley Greene projects to play half the season but has hit 24 HRs in the minors and projects to hit that many perenially at the big league level. DET has some talent on the way. A team to watch. The best pitcher on the list is Grayson Rodriguez. He plays for BAL but is at least a year away yet.

It is good to know these guys so there are no surprises when the season starts and if you are adept, might be able to find value in some games early on prior to the sportsbooks adjusting to how impactful these players are.

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