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ECSI generally release a game for everyone that takes place on Sunday, but this week we thought we would dive into the Monday Night Football 🏈 game🙌

Last years Browns was the PUBLIC darlings, the team that was going to make history, not just get back to the Playoffs, but win the AFC & even Super Bowl. They were the most bet FUTURE and let’s just say by the midway point, made a great beer coaster.

The RAVENS, last year, the team that couldn’t be stopped. No one had an answer to LAMAR or the running game of Baltimore. The #1 seed in the Playoffs, but a man named HENRY came barreling into Baltimore & TITANS stunned the RAVENS. Now some would think that was a great learning experience, a wake up call for Lamar, Harbaugh & rest of the Ravens to get off the mat and really make there run. Let’s say, MNF is a Do or Die for the 2020 Season.

Browns 9-3, Mayfield & company coming off a route @ Titans last week, while the Ravens lost to Steelers without Lamar due to Covid😷

The game you would think would have the 9-3 Browns favored, since at home & obviously going in opposite directions of the Ravens. Vegas opened the 7-5 Ravens -1, but PUBLIC basically even split with SHARPS.. Line & Money moving RAVENS way📈💵🏈

ECSI will suggest...

RAVENS -2 -120 as your FREEBIE

Why the -120? We follow over 50+ Sportsbooks all around the 🌏. Currently we are seeing -2.5 at most books, we suggest to BUY the HOOK or 1/2 point. The Money Line of -160, just a bit too steep.. IF your book already has -3, you DONT want to buy FULL POINT, take to -2.5. Three is such a key number, we want to get off of that number for sure.

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