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It’s only the second round of the NBA playoffs, but you are starting to see some interesting turn of events. Lakers, fishing. Luka , golfing, Heat surfing, Suns , Nets , next level.

As for 76ers, Embid currently playing, Hawks & Trae, sitting very confident coming back home 1-1. No they did receive some bad news as they lose Hunter for the rest of Series, but for them it’s next man up. Now not saying that the 76ers are going to lose this Series, but will say, this could be a 6 or 7 game Series for sure.

The OPENING number??? What’s VEGAS have up there sleeve for FRIDAYs 730 pm tip-off How about 76ers -1, then immediately -1.5, leaning towards -2 very soon . Expect TRAE & the home crowd to be sky high & feed off of each other as 76ers try to maintain composure & close & grind out a hard fought game.

730pm #532 HAWKS +2 . Your ECSI FREEBIE

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Enjoy the weekend, see you on Sunday 🧉

Jeff Dawson


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