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The time is here, is it Jimmy G & the magic carpet ride of the 49ers, with there ground & pound approach & all world DEEBO leading the way. Or is it time for Mr Rodgers, to finally get one step closer to a title game, 3rd in a row, and finally get back to the Super Bowl

On paper, this looks like a war, 49ers team clicking on all cylinders, especially after there upset win at Jerry’s World & defeating the Dallas Cowboys. Now, on the contrary, Jimmy G is banged up , says he will start, with Trey Lance ready to roll. Secondly, it’s going to be bone cold, not like sunny California, more like the frozen tundra.

On the other side , the #1 seed Green Bay Packers, a team coming off the bye, well rested & a lot of key players healthy & coming back ready to roll!!!! It’s very easy to get caught up with the Public TRENDY dog, but when you evaluate everything, it’s worth the swing & VALUE with the home team.

815pm #PACKERS -5.5 -120 our FREEBIE. Yes, we BOUGHT the HOOK , just in case it lands on 6

Very simply , ECSI has over 40 years of sports wagering experience. We just started our 7th year of Public Service on all platforms of Social media. If you don’t believe, please go to Google, search Sports Investors, you will see we are the #1 ranked according to Google 1st page. YES that us, ECSI

IF you can’t be bothered, you know it all, already an expert, do not need your very own Sports Broker , delivering sports information daily to your cell & email, then just UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page, it’s that simple.

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly

Enjoy the weekend & games, hope to meet & greet soon

Jeff Dawson


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