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Sunday ECSI Freebie

Week #10👀👀 already in the NFL, wow seems like a day ago, it was opening week, only 39 shopping days left till Christmas 🎄 

Now before you look at the records, Dolphins 5-3, winners of 5 of there last 6 games. The LA Chargers traveling West to East, 2-6, losers of 5 games in there last 6, never mind the KINGS of 16 point leads that evaporate quicker than a child’s piggy bank at the local arcade.

So you are saying, that Dolphins are favored by 7, maybe 6.5 at least -6 or -5.5 correct? Nice thoughts for sure, but VEGAS much to SHARP for this, or well at least it looks that way. Remember, they already know how much money or % will come in on each side, so technically, they will create a line according to that, so hopefully they get great 2-way ACTION with no liabilities or SWEATS..

Vegas opened the Dolphins-3👀, then here come the SHARPS, of course you guys know which way this number is going, correct? Remember, you all thought this was going to be -7,6 or -5.5 at worst. The SHARP have POUNDED the CHARGERS, +3, +2.5, +2 and the money line which is now +$110.. Seems very strange.. TUA 2-0, just beat Arizona on the road +6, and game before, won as a DOG +3 at home vs the Rams. How do they know??

Is Vegas betting on the come? Can the 2-6 CHARGERS hold on to a lead?? Well, let’s just say the SHARPS & ECSI hope so..


Last week, we hope everyone enjoyed the RAVENS out right WINNER at the COLTS. Colts closed -1, getting a 75-25 PUBLIC following & also some early SHARP action as well. 

Also, ECSI would like to Welcome a few of you, who took the tone to reach out to us, actually verbally talking to us, now ECSI VIP FAMILY members through the Super Bowl💵📈🤝

It’s very easy to become a part of our texting & email Service, receiving Daily selections, with breakdowns and reasons why we are on the side we are, just have to get off the couch, click the link, or pick up the ☎️ 

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Jeff Dawson


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