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Sunday ECSI Freebie!!!!

Week #12, 33 shopping days left till Christmas 🎄🎁🎄... A premier QB battle on paper, but most think two teams going in opposite direction..

The Texans, 2-7, fresh off there 10-7 loss at The Browns, while the Patriots defeat the Ravens on Primetime in a second half monsoon. A further look at both teams, might say else wise. The Texans who fired coach Jim O’Brien , now former Patriots coach Romeo Creonel his in charge, have faced the toughest schedule in the NFL, with a record of 48-17 combined W/L record vs opponents this year. Not saying this team is elite, but we are saying they have been in every game.

Now the Patriots have been a Jeckle & Hyde team. They started out ok, then last second loss at Seattle, turned into more losses at KC, with Cam & Covid, then home losses vs Denver & 49ers.. Some would say this was a wake up call, but a deeper look shows that 2 weeks ago on Monday night -10 point favorites, a last second Fg by Folk , sneaks out a 3 point victory.

Now the all important OPENING line👀😱🚨

Texans opened -2.5, there was even a -3.5 across the pond, which most thought had to be a misprint!!!!! In comes the 🌏🌏🌏 ALL IN on Cam, the Patriots, NO WAY they lose to the Texans, this is there second half push!!! On deck for the Patriots, Kyler Murray & Cardinals, the look ahead line a PICKEM at Foxboro🏈

Now there is a big difference from a recreational GAMBLER or BETTOR vs what ECSI does on a daily basis, with our 200+ clients all around the globe🌏. What is it you may ask? ECSI FADES the PUBLIC, does not invest on a 70 or 80% split, or bring logic, past trends or any ESPN & Fox mumbo Jumbo!!!!Its called Trusting the PROCESS📈

TEXANS +3 -120 your FREEBIE

The +3 -120 means, if you need to BUY a HOOK or 1/2 point to get to 3, please do.. It will take 4 or better to beat us!!!

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Always INVEST responsibly. Never press or RISK what you can not afford to LOSE🤝

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