Sunday night at 8pm, two Eastern Conference heavy weights will battle game #1, best of seven series, to move one step closer to Lord’s Stanley Cup.

A lot has happened to the Bruins since the restart & life in the Bubble. The biggest story is Tuuka Rask opting out and leaving the bubble, stating a family crisis and he felt he would be batter off back home vs staying in the bubble. Fact is he & his wife, just had there 3rd child, secondly Tuuka was never engaged upon his return, both parties better off with the decision.

In steps Halak, 3-0 since he has started & Bruins defeat the Hurricanes in 5 games.

The Lightning also won in 5 games vs CBJ , but during we had the epic 5 OT game, which they were able to win, and eventually push through the Blue Jackets.

What is ECSI expecting.. A very hard fought series, Bruins need a stellar effort from Halak , while also a HEALTHY PASTA to have any chance to win 4 games vs the Lightning.

We will grab some + money tonight..

OVER 5.5 goals +115... Game #1 NHL🚨

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