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February 2nd, the last time the Colorado Avalanche last played due to Covid, and what better way to kickoff the rust than in Vegas vs the Knights.

What the odds makers are really having a hard tine figuring out is the opening line. Everyone that follows ECSI knows that the most important #, why you ask? It sets the tone, opens the eyes of the general PUBLIC & the rest is history & off to the RACES!!!!

Now VEGAS is a team that is dominating at there home ice at T Mobile Arena. We have been privileged to see a few games there with fans & it’s worth the price of admission for sure. With that said, there opening numbers are usually -190, -180, -170, you rarely see a low number there, UNLESS, the BOOKS are needing & looking for KNIGHTS ACTION

Shopping around we have seen a neap pickem, some Vegas -130, -120 & one shop even had the Avalanche -105. Now rarely will we go against the KNIGHTS at home, unless we see value or smell a

708pm #3 COLORADO AVES +115 ML🥅

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