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QUICK SAND Sunday, a catch phrase ECSI has coined & TM when we started & went PUBLIC January 1st 2015. Why you ask?

Most books close there weekly totals and numbers on Sunday Night. Week generally goes from Monday - Sunday. So when the PUBLIC or SQUARES are down going into Sunday, it becomes a FRENZY, as usually they will compound or double the amount they are chasing, hence the phrase . Once it starts, can’t be stopped, the player is in a race for time, then the games get less, then usually so does the money or credit.

Or, at ECSI we call it SUNDAY FUNDAY, our week is complete, we take our winnings, let’s say +4.83 Units this week.. Push the 4.0 units to the left, till envelope Monday #Payday, then wager the change or leftovers, this week would be 0.83 unit... Maybe dabble in a FUNday PARLAY or just wager on single game

110pm. #973 BLUE JAYS -123 @ Tampa.. Currently RHYU is our listed pitcher️

Hope everyone enjoyed Thursday OVER 9 , Red Sox vs Seattle.. That’s 3 of the last 4 FREEBIE WINNERS🧨

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Always invest & wager Responsibly

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Jeff Dawson


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