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Another week is ending, May 1st yesterday and wow, time flies. MLB one month in the books, some teams really starting out FAST, while some of the PreSeason favorites struggling.

Now yes, baseball the longest sports, 162 games, starts in April, last game generally last day of September, playoffs & World Series completed by Halloween.

Today’s matchup , preseason favorites Minnesota Twins, after today’s thumping 9-15, while the KC Royals expected to be basement dwellers surprisingly 15-9.

Today’s matchup has Twins ace BERRIOS -189 ML, way too steep to wager on , if you are custom to wagering on these high prices favorites ML, your longevity won’t be long.

Royals with throw KELLER who is not your Pedro Martinez of the MLB, never mind American League. Twins looking for a bounce back & to win the Series. How will we approach this game?

210pm TWINS -1.5 RL +105 **BERRIOS**

What this means simply TWINS MUST WIN by 2 runs or MORE!!! We are also getting +105 on our $100 investment & taking the -$189 out of play

Hope everyone enjoyed the NFL draft, also hoping you won some pizza & money on WADDLE being drafted before D SMITH

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Jeff Dawson


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