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First & foremost, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there & of course the one that are not with us️ A special day for sure, ECSI hoping everyone is enjoying it.. Also hope everyone made a few BUCKS on Thursday NBA FREEBIE

As we are writing this email, the Pirates have won the 1st two games vs the Indians . Friday the Bucs took an 11-0 lead & held on for dear life & won 11-10. Saturday, the Indians jumped out to a 2-0 lead, PIRATES rallied late , win 6-3What do we always say here at ECSI?? What is the Opening line & what is Vegas trying to insinuate?

Yes, they are potentially throwing the PUBLIC a curve ball??

105pm. #980 PIRATES-126 *Brubaker* ️

When Vegas speaks, WE

If you like what ECSI delivers twice a week, click one of our links & introduce yourself, just maybe your a fit for our VIP Team & FAMILY. The SPECIAL we ran on Thursday was GONE in 10 minutes, we will run it back again, this time first 5 people will be accepted!!!! $199 through August 30th, right till kickoff of football , a SAVINGS of over $550. This is the VIP text & email Service

If our emails aren’t your cup of tea, please just UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of page

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Always wager & INVEST Responsibly 🧐

Jeff Dawson


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