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Well the ens of June is upon us & the MLB All Star break will soon be approaching us. For some teams, a chance to regroup, get ready for the second half push. For others, will they become Buyers or Sellers at the trade deadline?

Red Sox currently chasing the Rays, 1/2 game back. The pine stripes or NY Yankees, the second favorites to Win it all before the season started, not just chasing the Rays, but Red Sox as well a half dozen games back. Now injuries always play a big factor, but the NY bats have been MIA all season.

As we are writing this, the Yankees just left the bases loaded & trail 4-1, bottom 8th, if they lose the Res Sox will now be 5-0 this year against there arch enemy

110pm #921 YANKEES -1.5 RL +120.. COLE

The current ML is -154, just a tad to steep, we will take a swing on the WIN & by 2 or more. Red Sox will start EROD, who has had good success vs the Yankees in his career, but lately has been very inconsistent & look for the YANKEES to show some sense of URGENCY

Hope everyone enjoyed the Canadiens +125 WINNER on Thursday night. Nice dog cashed & they are now heading to the Stanley Cup.

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