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It’s Wild Card Weekend & amazingly the Steelers are still standing.. How?? They don’t know either, lol. They were 1 blown time-out away by Coach Staley of Chargers to be OUT & golfing in Maui right now.

In come the Chiefs, back to back Super Bowl appearances, 1-1, last year got thumped by Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Bucs.

Now at print, Chiefs as solid -13 point favorite, number has dropped to -12.5 in some spots, but most Vegas strips still hanging a -13.

Will the Chiefs & Mahomes win?? Ya, I’d say real likely!!! Will they cover almost 2 touchdowns?? We will pay to find out!!!

815pm. #149 STEELERS +13 our FREEBIE.. now if your shop or Casino is posting a +12.5, we suggest buying the HOOK -120 & grab the +13

Now let’s just set the record straight!!! We are NOT here to say, ECSI wins every day, week or month!!! We are here to introduce our Services & tell you that we are just starting our 7th year of Public Service on all Social media & platforms. If you go to GOOGLE, search Sports Investors, you will see, we are the #1 ranked Sports Investors in the , according to Google 1st page , PLEASE see for yourself!!!!! Now if you can’t be bored , you know it all, are already an expert & these emails bore you, PLEASE go to bottom of the page & kindly UNSUBSCRIBE… PS, you DONT have to send us an email to do this, it’s right there. Email @ Twitter @ECSportsInvest Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors YOU Tube & Twitch @eastcoastsportsinvestors Always Invest & wager responsibly Jeff Dawson CEO/Founder

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