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Sunday NFL Gameday

NFL week #5 already, the quarter pole has passed , well kinda & second 1/4 & first full weekend of October is upon us. What’s NFL really stand for?? Well people in our business knows it’s ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!! Expect the unexpected & NEVER assume you have a LOCK, because there is NO such thing, other than on your front door.

WFT, a team that last year won the NFC East with a losing record, made a playoff debut with a QB that hadn’t started HEINEKE , 11 point underdogs & loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champs Tampa Bay Bucs. The defense got them there, but this year has let them down!!!

Saints on the other hand, looking for some consistency this year. No Drew Brees, in comes Jameis Winston . This year, 2-2 & have won every other week & looked awful on the off weeks. Win vs Packers, loss @ Panthers. Win @ Patriots, loss @ home vs Giants -8 point favorites. Which Saints & Winston team shows up?

1pm #457 SAINTS -122 ML.. We took the -1.5 points out of play & took ML. -122 at print time & @Circa Las Vegas.

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Jeff Dawson


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