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The Future of Sports Broadcasting

NBC Sports Senior VP of betting, gaming, and strategic partnerships

I have been in these lanes for many years. My partner, Jeff Dawson @ECSportsInvest (Twitter), has also been with me. We have been saying this seems like forever. It wasn't too long ago where betting was a conversation that was held in places where privacy was a concern. If I told anyone I was wagering on the games, it was like I was a criminal! We had to send money to overseas accounts via MoneyGram and use fake receiver names and cities just to fund accounts. Times have changed and more changes are coming rapidly. States are now legalizing sports betting and there are billions of dollars in this industry.

I am in these lanes to capitalize on this business and to share knowledge that helps it grow. The more informed bettors are, the more they play. The better the data, analysis, and content, then the more enjoyable the sports become. It goes hand in hand. We pull the drapes back allowing the mysteries of wagering to be disclosed. In many ways, there are no secrets just viewpoints and analysis. Looking at sports through this lens has been an eye-opening experience and one that breathes a new intensity to games that may never have been enjoyed before. When an executive at NBC declares there will be sports betting content will be synonymous with sports content, then we are going down the correct path.

I ask everyone to become a bigger part and play a greater role in two areas. One, help perpetuate this industry by asking questions, following people, taking part in everything there is to see and learn, by recommending your favorite people and spots to others and helping the growth. The second is more about personal growth. I would appreciate and like for everyone to follow me and Jeff where ever you can. Become VIP members and join our Discord channel. Help us grow to be where we think we can go. We believe we can be giants in the business and need more exposure. We need your help with that! I am posting a couple of links here. Please do your best to help grow the team at East Coast Sports Investors. We certainly would appreciate anything you could do in that regard.

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