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Thursday already, the weekend is knocking on the door. These FREEBIES & emails have been of late, hoping everyone here has enjoyed them & even made a few as well.

Tonight we have the Atlanta Braves @ Nationals game three of the Series, won both by the Braves & UNDER as well in both games.

Drew Smyly for the Braves vs John Lester, second game back since a Covid stint. What’s really interesting is the OPENING line. As we are writing this both Pinnacle & Cris open 9.5 U-120, which in today’s game, other than Coors Field, Jays new home in Florida or a windy day in Wrigley, it’s an eye opener. With that said, if you do some window shopping or by the time you open this email, it may just drop to a flat 9, but we will release at current number & price.


Would like to set the record straight!!!! ECSI sends these emails twice a week to offer you our content & information FREE. Why you ask?? Because WE CARE!!!! Will all the wannabes & SCAMDICAPPERS around, we hope you can TRUST the #1 ranked Sports Investors in the according to Google 1st

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Beat of luck, hoping a great night of ️

Jeff Dawson


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