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As we sit here after 11pm writing this email, wanted to discuss to everyone how important it is to line shop & also have more than one outlet place wagers vs being at the mercy of the book, casino or your local barber shop .

Tonight ECSI released Houston Astros -119 vs Angels at 4pm to our ECSI Clients. We ship our VIP plays via text & email to approximately 230+ all around the . Our delivery service allows us to get the sharpest lines delivered within minutes, great Service & very helpful in this crazy business. Every dollar saved is one added to the bankroll , adds up quickly in the marathon approach.

Around 530 pm Astros move to -167, now generally that means a pitching change, but that also didn’t happen. So anyone playing the Astros last night, that got off work at 530 or later, we’re now spending an extra 48c per $100. Now obviously if it wins, the juice or VIG doesn’t matter, but as we have explained here many time, if you go down the road of the high favorites or CHALK, your going to lose in the LONG run!!!

Lastly, with more states becoming legal, DONT be afraid to download the Draft Kings & FanDuel apps, start looking at other books & watching the different lines. ECSI uses Sports Insights & Don Best, we follow over 50 Sportsbooks globally, so there isn’t a book we don’t see there numbers at.

710pm #968 Tampa Bay RAYS +125

Rays coming off a 1-0 loss, looks like there going with a bullpen game. Our line came from Caesars Las Vegas. Yankees are heating up, but we see some VALUE in the RAYS, and also see this line dropping as we write

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Always wager & INVEST Responsibly 🧐

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Hope everyone enjoys the rest of week & weekend, see you on Sunday

Jeff Dawson


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