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Thursday Night NBA FREEBIE

It’s June, yet a 7 game Series, first team to win four games, will decide either AVES get payback from last year’s meltdown vs VEGAS, or the Tampa Bay Lighting will become 3 time Stanley Cup Champs.

It’s game #6 at the GARDEN… Steph & Company just 48 minutes away from there 4th Championship & CURRY searching for his first MVP.

The Celtics have been in this position twice in the playoffs. They had to win game number 6 at Bucks & 7 at home to advance. Then the same vs Heat, game 7 at South Beach. It’s do or die, will there be a game #7 ??

At print, Celtics-3.5 at Circa LV & U/O 210.. ML too steep for ECSI release, so we will by the HOOK &

9pm #528 CELTICS -3 -120 our FREEBIE

It’s Fathers Day Weekend, what better gift to the Sports fan then joining our TEAM & FAMILY for just $2 a day, all sports delivered to your cell via TEXT & emailed. It’s our way to introduce yourselves to the ECSI family. If you don’t know us, please just Google Search Sports Investors, that’s us, #1 ranked according to Google 1st page

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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