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Thursday Night NCAAB FREEBIE 🏀

For some, non March Madness junkies this game, will fly under the radar, for the true hoop FANATICS, Zags @ DONS will be must watch

Zags come into game, #1 ranked, 23-2 & winners of 16 in a row. The San Francisco Dons, 22-7, also lost @ Gonzaga on January 20th 78-62. Zags come into game -10 point favorites at the time we are writing this up .

Looking for an extremely PUBLIC following on the Zags, might even lean to 10.5 or 11 by the time you read this.

9pm #823 SAN FRANCISCO +10 our FREEBIE.. also sprinkle some money on the DONS ML, probably get close to +300

ECSI is celebrating our 7th year of Public Service. Personally have over 35+ years of experience in Sports Wagering & Gaming Business. If you don’t recognize us, please go to Google, search Sports Investors, that is us, the #1 ranked, 1st page according to Google.

This FREEBIE is just a intro, a HELLO, one game, week or month doesn’t make a Service, our goal is to connect with people looking for LONGTERM term SUCCESS… Please check out our website, go to our Social pages, follow us, we are currently doing between 2-3 LIVE shows a day. We are considered one of the TOP teams when reading & talking the daily SPORTS MARKET…

IF your ALL SET, can’t be bothered, already a true Professional, PLEASE just UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors

YOU Tube & Twitch @eastcoastsportsinvestors

Always Invest & wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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