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Tuesday MLB FREEBIE ⚾️

Astros glad to leave the Bronx, but now head across the way to face the NY Mets. Both teams with Monday off, will start two game set at Mets.

Both teams having great seasons, but at print surprisingly VEGAS has made a statement on who’s favored & ECSI will follow there lead.

710pm #979 ASTROS -116 ML our Freebie

Just an intro from ECSI to YOU!!!! 1 game doesn’t make a service, win, lose or draw, honestly week or month either, it’s LONGTERM, currently 7.5 years of PUBLIC Service & over 35 years of experience. Check us out on Social media, come join the Team & Family.

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors

You Tube & Twitch @eastcoastsportsinvestors

2-3 LIVE shows a day & can be down loaded on your favorite podcast platform.

Always Invest and wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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