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Webbie Odds for 04/08

MIA vs NYM is a rivalry series that most do not know. MIA has many visitors or “snowbirds” from New York. NYM has pushed the buttons of MIA while down during Spring Training and this is a bigger deal than many think. Say this it MIA wants to beat NYM more so than any other team. No listed pitcher so not sure of the plans yet but expect competitive games!

This is a home-opening day for many teams. PIT is one of them. They were outclassed in CIN last series but look for a good showing in the opener. BAL, MIN, CHW, STL, TOR*, and HOU are the others. TOR is playing their home games in Dunedin, FL, their spring training facility, it is not a full large stadium. The capacity limit will be small there especially with Covid regulations.

BAL starting pitcher is NOT Matt Harvey it is Hunter Harvey! That matters. Hunter is a relief pitcher so this is a bullpen game for them. BOS starter Rodriguez is making his first start and will be on a pitch limit. My model still likes ARI better than COL as it favors Kelly over Gray. All other lines are similar so no edge values there.

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